Feb 24, 2022

I have written my book titled “How to stand up to workplace bullying and take on an unjust employer” because bullying and harassment in the workplace is a real issue for many organizations (irrespective of the types of products and services involved) and it is important for everyone to understand that creating and maintaining a positive and rewarding workplace is a very important objective.

Today there are many organizations in the country where the environment is not positive and a large number of dedicated employees are experiencing one or more of the following: (1) Facing day-to-day oppressive atmosphere in the workplace and do not feel empowered to do anything about it (2) Personal life is being affected significantly because of a very negative work situation, causing depression and other associated effects (3) Facing one or more different forms of discrimination and harassment, but do not feel comfortable in standing up against it (4) Facing undeserved consequences for doing the right things at work, but feeling helpless in fighting back (5) Not willing to report unjust activities at work (whistle blowing) because of fear of negative consequences (6) Are not aware of their rights in situations of this nature.

I wanted to write this book because I would like all employees to know that there are things one can do to protect themselves against workplace bullying and to fight back, in a non-violent manner, when appropriate. All employees deserve respectful treatment in their workplace. There is no reason for an employer to resort to maltreatment no matter what the circumstances are.

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