Mar 30, 2017

Here is another excerpt from my recently published book “How to stand up to workplace bullying and take on an unjust employer”:

“Without a good lawyer to effectively poke holes through the center’s highly twisted version of events, I would have likely lost that critical battle against the center’s management team. Had I lost the unemployment hearing (i.e., if the center management team was able to convince the judge that I was guilty of committing employment misconduct), I can all but guarantee that my employee union would not have chosen to back me and advance my grievance toward arbitration; a crucial move which eventually led to my receiving a considerable settlement.

In reality, I am darn lucky that my parents were both willing and able to assist me in this year-long legal ordeal. With the modest annual income of a child care provider, there was no way I could have afforded to effectively defend myself on my own. I’m sure the center’s high level managers and high price legal team did not bank on the fact that a little guy like me could afford to stand up for my rights! Yet having a professional lawyer advising me was of incredible value throughout the entire process, from the demand letter to the DHR claims and through working with my employee union. The legal system needs some changes to level the playing field for other employees as well, particularly those who are just as worthy but do not have a family willing/able to help them.

But even as our flawed employment legal system stands today, WHAT STEPS CAN YOU TAKE TO STAND UP FOR YOUR BASIC RIGHTS AGAINST AN UNJUST EMPLOYER? Believe it or not, there are several easy steps which anyone can take to put themselves in a much more favorable position. Fortunately, these steps do not require money or any hard-to-obtain form of talent or representation. Rather they require paying close attention, remaining dedicated to protecting your rights and simply taking the time to advocate for yourself. Easy as it seems, most employees do not put in the time and effort necessary to prepare themselves for potential trouble at the workplace.”

© 2017 - Sumi Mukherjee
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