Mar 30, 2023

Supervisors/managers in a company are highly responsible for developing and maintaining an environment that does not tolerate workplace bullying. There are many supervisors/managers who do a good job in this aspect. However, there are also many who simply are not capable of creating and maintaining a positive environment. The following are some of the characteristics of a supervisor who in fact helps in creating a negative environment in the workplace:

  • The supervisor is generally hostile in nature in almost any situations
  • The supervisor is loud and extremely harsh with many employees
  • Promotes an environment of super autocratic control and believes that it is the only way to manage things
  • The supervisor is constantly demonstrating signs of anger and frustration
  • The supervisor is acting like a prison guard at all times
  • There is a constant show of temper and hostility
  • The supervisor promotes an environment that allows peer-to-peer bullying
  • The supervisor shouts and yells at employees for no apparent reasons
  • The supervisor is focused more on scaring tactics while dealing with employees

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