May 11, 2023

On my facebook page I post on a weekly basis on the topics covered by my four books. It appears that the topic covered by my third book (How to stand up to workplace bullying and take on an unjust employer) seems to be the most controversial. Many people agree that there are things one can do in order to fight back against workplace bullying and harassment, but there are many others who believe there is nothing one can do in situations like this.

It is probably true that in some situations there really is nothing much one can do. For example, in a small town, in a small company or in a very small business setting, a worker may not have a lot of options. In such situations it is possible that if one brings up the matter to one’s employer, it might result in termination, and with not many reasonable available options, the employee may not want to pursue the matter.

But there are many other situations where employees simply do not want to pursue the matter even if there are other options available to the employees. One reason could be that most employees are peace-loving people and just do not want to deal with the issues involved in complaining about things of this nature. Also there are employees who love their jobs so much that they do not want to rock the beat. All that is okay as long as it does not affect the employees’ mental health. I strongly believe that a person must do something to address the situation if he/she feels that her mental health is being impacted.

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