Sep 01, 2022

Recently I received an email from someone I do not know and have never met. It was gratifying to know that my work is reaching people who are dealing with a difficult period in their lives. Following is the email I received:

“Hello Sumi. I admire you so much.  I bought ‘A life interrupted with bullying and ocd’ and I feel it mirrors my sons story now. He is 18 aspergers boy who has debilitating ocd brought on from severe bullying at school for a period of 3 and half years. To say that our lives have changed would be understating it. We are a family that move slowly day by day sometimes moments to moments. We can never plan for a future time or look forward with hope as things escalate quickly and exhaustion kicks in. I’m planning to read your book to my son and the rest of the family as I find everything you say is so clear and understandable. You suddenly feel you are not alone and my son is not alone and you are a wonderful inspiration to this world. Please keep going on your missions and hopefully someday my family will restore their faith in humanity.”

I have received a lot of emails like this over the years. Emails like this make my day and provide added motivation for the work I do on a regular basis. I am grateful to this person who found my work useful and decided to send me this note.

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