Apr 04, 2019

Adults around children must understand that there is no guideline as to how much preventive effort is enough to make sure that there will not be any child sexual abuse. That is exactly the reason why putting in continuous limitless efforts for prevention is the only way to maximize their chances of remaining safe.

The main idea is that we never stop looking for preventive measures to maximize safety for the children around us. There is no such thing as enough preventive measures. The point I try to make is that there are always new situations coming up in a child’s life that one needs to be aware of. Also, even old “trustworthy” relationships can sometimes turn into negative encounters. That is why it is always necessary to keep your guards up and keep an eye constantly open for red flags.

This can often be very difficult for family members. It can be very difficult for a family member to accept the fact that another family member might be causing some risk for one of the children, or another family member is not taking appropriate preventive measures to protect his or her children. That is why in my book “Father Figure – my mission to prevent child sexual abuse” I have tried to make it clear that family members have a significant responsibility in this regard.


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