Aug 20, 2015


I am looking forward to attending (speaking and exhibiting at) the IVAT (Institute on Violence, Abuse and Trauma) conference in San Diego next week. I am most excited about my joint presentation on prevention of child sexual abuse with Dr. Pamela Pine, Founder and CEO of the organization called Stop The Silence – Stop Child Sexual Abuse, Inc.

Dr. Pine has been working in this area for many years and has been extremely dedicated in her efforts to prevent child sexual abuse. She appreciates the impact of my book and shares the concerns/issues that I have tried to bring out through the story in my book. This conference is attended by many dedicated professionals from around the world – I am hoping that our presentation will have a significant impact on all attendees who care about this cause.

The exhibit booth that I will be sharing with Dr. Pine will give us an added opportunity to meet professionals from around the world and have further in-depth discussions about all the associated issues.

I will also have an opportunity to speak at a different session about the subject matter of my first book – the topic of that presentation will be “Impact of bullying on mental health”.


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