Aug 20, 2020

Bullying and harassment in a workplace can have a significant negative impact on an employee’s mental health. This simply cannot be tolerated.

Most employees simply want to do a good job, to the best of their abilities. They like to go to work, do their job and then they like to go home and spend time with their family and/or friends. During their time at work, they do expect to receive guidance, advice and/or directions from their supervisors or managers, but they do not expect to be bullied or harassed. If they are bullied or harassed at work, they will inevitably bring their stress back home with them and that will impact their personal lives.

Most employees do not like to respond back strongly against their supervisors or managers when they are being bullied or harassed. That is primarily because of two reasons – (1) they are conditioned to expect directions from supervisors and managers, even when they come in the form of bullying and harassment, and (2) they are afraid that if they responded back strongly, they might risk losing their jobs. As a result, they often end up tolerating bullying and harassing behavior from their supervisors and managers.

Tolerating behavior of this kind does not come at no cost. It impacts the employee’s self-esteem significantly and affects their mental health. Some employees may be able to let this go and not allow this to impact their mental health, but many employees are not able to let this go and end up with significant mental health issues. That is why it is important for all organizations to make sure bullying and harassment is not tolerated in the workplace.

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