Jul 28, 2022

Sometimes when I make presentations about prevention of child sexual abuse based on my second book, I get a question about why I had decided to intervene to find a way to protect two female minors from possible sexual abuse. The following are some of the reasons as to why I had decided to intervene:

  • I felt the children were at risk
  • Charlie (the convicted sex offender in my story) had not shared his background information with the single mother
  • He denied that he had done anything wrong
  • He had violated probation twice
  • He was again violating probation guidelines
  • I did not see any signs of a reformed person
  • I became aware of some actions that looked to me like “grooming”
  • His previous crime was against a 11-year old girl, about the ages of the children I was concerned about
  • He was identified as a “predatory offender”
  • He fantasized about young girls of ages about 12-13
  • I felt “prevention” meant doing something “before” it happened
  • As a responsible adult, I felt the need to make sure they were safe
  • It would not have been any good if I waited for something to happen first!!!
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