Mar 26, 2020

Things continue to remain extremely stressful for all of us in this country, and for that matter, for many many people around the world. In our country the number of cases is still growing at a rapid rate and along with that, unfortunately, the number of deaths is also escalating. We still don’t see any signs of the spread of the virus slowing down in the near future. I heard yesterday from the governor of New York that they are seeing some signs that the social distancing seems to be working. Our governor of Minnesota just ordered “Stay at Home” yesterday for all of us for two weeks, till April 10.

The good news is that data from other countries such as China and South Korea show that we will get over this difficult period. The question is how long will it take for us to get there. We just need to hunker down and live through this period.

In the meantime, my publisher has decided to make a special promotional offer for my books during this difficult time for our country. She thought it will be a good time for people to read books while they are stuck at home. That’s why she decided to offer the books (ebook version) at no charge till April 20. I thought this was a great suggestion. So if anyone is interested in receiving a free ebook version of any of my books, please go to the following:


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