Mar 31, 2022

My latest book titled: “MINORITY VIEWPOINT: MY EXPERIENCE AS A PERSON OF COLOR WITH THE AMERICAN JUSTICE SYSTEM”, is a true story about defamation towards me, a brown Indian man, by a white female hotel employee in a small northern town in Minnesota.

I ended up having to sue the hotel employee for defamation and surprisingly, the hotel supported her over me, their paying repeat customer, in spite of her unsubstantiated and untrue comments to the cops. The hotel’s insurance company paid ALL her legal expenses and hired top lawyers to defend their employee against me (while I had to pay my fees out of pocket). I eventually had my case dismissed much before trial likely due to less than commendable representation by a prominent MN law firm. The book provides details on what I believe were some of my lawyer’s errors and omissions which likely contributed to the undesirable consequences I derived from filing this case.

This book is full of information for ordinary citizens as well as for fellow people of color like me. It provides a lot of details about how defamation can spread through a community, what can actually happen in a lawsuit, with cops, lawyers, law firms, and the whole legal system including lawyers professional responsibility board, and how to fight back against alleged racism and defamation without resorting to violence. It informs people of color on some of the unique risks we can face due to not being part of the white majority, and how certain environments may increase such potential risk factors for us. The book encourages all to do the right thing for the greater good regardless of the final result.

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