Oct 26, 2017

When I make presentations about workplace bullying, I typically make the following comments as my final thoughts:

  • The purpose of my presentation is not to tell anyone what to do or what not to do
  • Employees have options:
    • Tolerate mistreatment and move on
    • Quit the job and find another
    • Take some action
  • I cannot tolerate bullying and harassment and I truly liked my job – so I took action
  • When I post on my Facebook page on this topic, I typically receive a lot of comments, which do indicate that this is quite a relevant topic
  • Most comments are supportive – it is clear to me that many individuals around the country have suffered and are suffering from this issue
  • But there also some negative comments
  • The negative comments typically fall into these categories:
    • An employee is weak if he/she complains
    • If you can’t handle it, quit your job
    • Take illegal measures such as physical violence
  • Of course, I do not support any of these views
  • They don’t understand that at times it takes a lot of courage to stand up for your rights
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