Apr 13, 2023

I wrote my book titled “Father Figure – my mission to prevent child sexual abuse” because of the following reasons:

  • To describe a true account story that focuses on prevention of child sexual abuse (CSA)
  • The story is about “intervention” and “prevention” and the numerous challenges faced in the process
  • To bring about an awareness of the associated issues that require immediate attention
  • To emphasize the fact that the challenges can be overcome if we are truly conscientious about prevention and are willing to work through a multidisciplinary approach
  • To discuss what could have been done differently in this specific case to promote a more preventive mindset
  • To demonstrate:
    • How a situation can pose risks for children
    • Reactions of authorities (such as law enforcement and child protection) to a preventive situation
    • Reluctance of family members to take preventive actions
    • Helplessness of at-risk children
  • To share the experience to emphasize the point that at-risk children can use all the help they can get
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