Dec 10, 2015

On Tuesday Dec 8 I had the opportunity to meet with Erin Runnion and some of her associates from the Joyful Child Foundation. I heard of Erin when presenting earlier this year (in Sept 2015) at the Children’s Network Conference in Ontario, California, on my book “Father Figure: My Mission To Prevent Child Sexual Abuse.” It was a pleasure to meet her team including an inspiring high school student who has taken it upon himself to start a club geared towards preventing sexual abuse of children. I am looking forward to continuing to work with Erin and the Joyful Child Foundation!!!

I am really excited about it because it’s always more effective to work with an established organization that has already been working on some of the focus areas that I have been interested in. I am hoping that my involvement will include working with the Joyful Child Foundation to prepare educational material for junior and senior high school students and assisting in presentation of that material to students across the country.

My focus will continue to remain on prevention of bullying and child sexual abuse. I hope that over time I will be able to find several other organizations to cooperate with to achieve continued success in these areas.

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