Dec 10, 2020

My new book is titled: “Minority Viewpoint – my experience, as a person of color – with the American Justice System”. I have written this book because I believe it provides a lot of information that could be extremely helpful for people all over the country.

It all starts with a not-so-pleasant interaction I had with a hotel employee. This is typically not an unusual occurrence. I have worked in hotels for a few years, earlier in my career. I have seen several unpleasant interactions between guests and hotel employees. I have also traveled all over the United States over the last several years as a speaker and have stayed in many hotels around the country. And not surprisingly, I have watched situations where guests and hotel employees have had some negative encounters. But I have never seen or experienced situations that rose to a completely different level.

That is what happened in this interaction I had with the hotel employee. To my utmost surprise, this employee reported me to the police, just before I was planning to go to the same hotel four months later, about the 4-month old incident which the police report identified as “information on suspicious activity”. I was completely surprised since I knew very well that I did not do anything wrong. But it became a major issue when I discovered that the employee had added, as per the police report, some unsubstantiated and untrue comments in her report to the police.

Normally, it’s always okay to report to police if something concerns you, but adding unsubstantiated and untrue comments is certainly not okay. When I discussed this situation with my lawyer, I understood from him that this can be considered defamation. That is what started the whole situation described in the book.

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