Jan 30, 2020

It is important for parents and family members to know that if they detect any red flags in terms of possible risks for one or more children, then systems such as child protective services and law enforcement can be contacted for assistance.

In my second book titled “Father Figure – my mission to prevent child sexual abuse”, I describe a situation where I detected a red flag in terms of risks for two young daughters of a single mother friend of mine. I worked hard to get the family members involved in trying to find a way to keep the children safe from this possible danger. The family members were able to work with the Child Protective Services to secure a couple of protection orders from the family court to keep the children safe from this possible danger.

In this process I have come to understand that systems such as Child Protective Services and Law Enforcement are typically extremely busy with numerous activities and aren’t always able to provide immediate attention to preventive situations. It was an even more difficult situation here since I was an ordinary citizen and not a family member. But once I got the family members involved, they were able to get the help they needed from the Child Protective Services to protect the children.

Overall I was satisfied with the results since the protection orders were certainly helpful in keeping the children safe. But clearly it was important for the family members to get involved.


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