Jul 14, 2022

I continue to receive a lot of comments on my book about workplace bullying (How to stand up to workplace bullying and take on an unjust employer). It is clear that many individuals around the country have experienced or are experiencing significantly negative environment at their workplaces.

In the comments I received there are always a lot of discussions about the role of the Human Resources (HR) Department. Many of the comments seem to indicate that a lot of people believe that “HR will never do anything because HR is there simply to support the employer”.

I really do not agree with that comment. HR departments are typically very helpful in maintaining a positive and rewarding environment at workplaces. Of course, the department will have to be dedicated to the cause. Good HR departments realize that to truly help their employers, they will need to keep the employees satisfied and motivated. If the employees are not happy, it would mean that the HR department is not doing a good job.

In my book I talk about a story where the HR department was not doing a good job and that created a negative situation for the organization. The bottom line is that HR needs to take care of the employees for the ultimate success of the company.

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