Mar 05, 2020

Sustained bullying often triggers various mental health disorders for the victims. These can result in significant issues for the future of the victims. No child deserves this. That is one of the main reasons why bullying must be prevented.

The main purpose of bullying is to exert control over another individual, and in the process, make that individual feel horrible about himself or herself. Especially when a person is being bullied with a number of bystanders watching and laughing, it has a significant negative impact on the victim’s self-esteem. If this kind of blow to the self-esteem happens on a regular basis, then it is easy to see why and how this can trigger mental health disorders for the victims.

Now that I have spoken at numerous events in different states around the country, I have had the opportunity to meet many victims of childhood bullying. In a significant number of cases, the victims have described having to deal with severe mental health disorders triggered because of being bullied. And often it changes the course of a person’s life like it did in my case. I have met some grown-up adults, in their forties or fifties, still feeling the negative impact of childhood bullying.

More and more schools are providing appropriate trainings to their staff members about this matter. This is extremely important because some of these mental health disorders can start impacting children at a very young age. If school staff are appropriately trained, then it is possible that they might be able to detect some of these issues while the victims are still young. If these children are treated properly at an early age, we can hope that the negative impact on their lives will not be as significant.


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