Mar 13, 2020

Sexual abuse can happen to any child at any time – that is why it is critical that the adults around the children are able to maintain a watchful eye on each and every child they are responsible for. This is an ongoing task until the children become adults,

This is the main point that I wanted to emphasize in my book “Father Figure – my mission to prevent child sexual abuse”. In the true account story I describe in the book I wanted to illustrate a situation where I felt two young children were at risk for possible sexual abuse. I was able to get the extended family members involved in working with the child protective services and law enforcement to protect the children. This was important because prevention means doing something before something bad happens. If we wait until something actually happens, then it will already be too late.

Things are happening all around the children at all times. That is why it is important for the adults around the children to look at this as an ongoing task. Children get involved with many different things as they grow, but we must always keep an eye open for any red flags at all times. Risks to children can come from many different directions and at many different times, but if we continue to remain vigilant, we are more likely to be able to keep the children safe.

We always have to keep in mind that the children are not able to protect themselves – they need the help of the adults around them to keep them safe.


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