Nov 02, 2018

I am excited to have an opportunity to speak at the Kentucky Counselors Association conference in Louisville, KY on Tuesday November 13, 2018, on the topic of “PTSD from bullying triggers obsessive compulsive disorder”. This presentation is based on my first book dealing with long term psychological impact of bullying.

A few years back I had spoken at this same conference. It is a fairly large conference, well attended by professionals from all across the state of Kentucky. I am looking forward to speaking to a larger than usual audience. Although I have been speaking on this topic for almost seven years, there are still a lot of professionals out there who have not been exposed to the fact that the long term mental impact on victims of bullying can be extremely severe. That is why I plan to continue speaking on this topic as long as possible.

I will also have an exhibit table at this conference. That will allow me to display all my books for attendees to see and ask questions about. That is another excellent way to interact with the attendees at a conference. Even people who were not able to attend my presentation, will be able to visit the exhibit table and we can still have a discussion. I have made many long lasting contacts through connections at conferences like this one.

Once we all understand the true sufferings of many victims of bullying we will be able to work hard to eradicate bullying from our schools.


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