Nov 18, 2021

My book titled “Father Figure – my mission to prevent child sexual abuse” is based on a true personal account that describes how I had to go to tremendous lengths to protect two children from the risk of falling prey to a convicted child molester and registered predatory offender in their community. It demonstrates how challenging it can be to work with our systems that are certainly not as effective in preventive actions. In my efforts to protect them from possible harm I found myself entangled in a very complicated, bizarre and difficult situation. Even in this awful predicament, which was riddled with numerous obstacles and setbacks throughout, I was able to prevail in the end. But seeing the ordeal through and being able to successfully protect these two children has been a remarkable learning experience, especially in terms of understanding how to overcome the challenges and work effectively with the legal system, the law enforcement system, the correction system, and the child protection system under tough circumstances and how to embark on such an important, positive, essential life mission based upon PREVENTION rather than reacting AFTER a child has been sexually abused.

This book is unique because it provides details on how multidisciplinary team efforts are critical to prevent a likely abusive scenario. It provides critical information on issues like:

  • Importance of background checks on individuals who might be in close contact with the children, and how to do background checks and use internet for useful, constructive purposes
  • What kinds of specific and detailed information might be available to public for a previously convicted offender
  • How does the correction system work for situations associated with a previously convicted offender
  • How can Law Enforcement be more effective in handling “preventive” situations like this
  • How can the Child Protective Services become more effective in responding to “preventive” situations like this
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