Nov 26, 2021

In my book titled “How to stand up to workplace bullying and take on an unjust employer”, I have described a true story about fighting back against bullying in the workplace.

I am aware that in numerous workplaces around the country there continues to be a lot of bullying and harassment of employees. The question is: will it ever stop? Well, my view is that it will only stop if the companies and employers realize that if they do not eliminate bullying and harassment in their workplaces, it will eventually hurt their companies.

I also believe that companies will get to that point only if the employees decide to fight back one way or another. If employees just continue to accept the mistreatment, then the employers do not see the reason to make the necessary changes.

One way to fight back is simply to quit the job and go find another employment. If most bullied employees decided not to work for these employers, then eventually they will learn to make some changes.

But a more effective approach is to fight back by continuing to remain as an employee. This approach can be more difficult and stressful for the employee, but it does have a more immediate impact on the employers.

In my book I have described steps an employee can take to be able to fight back against bullying and harassment in the workplace. I also describe organizations that are available to assist in this process. If an employee is able to put up with the stress involved in this process, then it can certainly help in minimizing bullying and harassment in the workplace.

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