Sep 15, 2022

My presentation about bullying and harassment in the workplace is appropriate for all employees irrespective of whether or not they are currently experiencing bullying or harassment in their workplace. It is important that all employees have a thorough understanding as to what kinds of things might constitute ‘harassment’ and what kinds of impact that might have. It is also critical for employees to understand what kinds of options they have in dealing with workplace bullying and harassment.

This presentation addresses the following:

  • There are many individuals out there who are facing day-to-day oppressive atmosphere in the workplace and do not feel empowered to do anything about it
  • For many individuals personal life is being affected significantly because of a very negative work situation, causing depression and other associated effects
  • There are individuals who are facing one or more different forms of discrimination, but do not feel comfortable in standing up against it
  • Many of them are wanting to take action, but do not know where to begin
  • There are employees who are facing undeserved consequences for doing the right things at work, but feeling helpless in fighting back
  • A lot of employees are not willing to report unjust activities at work (whistle blowing) because of fear of negative consequences
  • Many employees are not aware of their rights in situations of this nature
  • Some terminated employees are facing an unemployment hearing, but do not know how to prepare adequately to defend their positions
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